Friday, October 28, 2016

Do What You Can for Customers with What You Have

A word map of how to generate customer loyalty

Running a successful business requires focusing on what matters most.  Revamping your customer service delivery process may not be the top priority this year when you consider other critical choices for investment. But that does not mean that you neglect the importance of doing the best for your customers with what you have. Your customer service strategy for this year may be more around practical adjustments than a complete overhaul. 

Here is our customer service strategy advice on doing what you can for your customers with what you have:
  • Make the most of current resources
    Chances are you collect data on your customers. Now is the time to do something with that data. For instance, if a customer has visited your website to download a whitepaper, follow up to see how useful the paper was and include more information on a similar subject. Or, if a customer called to ask about service on a product, reach out to learn if they were satisfied and if there is anything more you can do for them.  

  • Keep better customer records
    Customers like to be recognized when they call. Make sure your reps have a way to link quickly into a customer’s history so, if passed on to another rep at your company, the customer’s history goes along with the call. 

  • Convince customer service reps of the critical role they play in building customer loyalty
    Work with your reps so they understand that they are the forward face of the company. When they can genuinely project a helpful, interested attitude, the customer feels heard and appreciated.  

  • Empower your service reps to solve customer problems
    One way to have your customer service reps step up to have higher levels of client engagement is to give them more options for solutions. Encourage them to listen closely for customer needs and be creative in trying to satisfy them. Can they offer free next-day delivery instead of the standard 5 business days? Can they authorize a discount on the next product they buy? Can they send a small thank-you gift for a continuing customer?

There are lots of ways to effectively serve your customers even when there is little budget to do so.

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